1960s dating game

Seven Keys Shenanigans Showdown Snap Judgment The Storybook Squares Stump the Stars Supermarket Sweep Take Two Tell it to Groucho Temptation Treasure Isle Video Village Video Village Jr. The Who What or Where Game Window Shopping Win with the Stars Word for Word You Don't Say!You're in the Picture You're Putting Me On Your First Impression Yours for a Song Your Surprise Package Beat the Clock Concentration G. College Bowl It Could Be You Jackpot Bowling Masquerade Party Play Your Hunch Queen for a Day Take a Good Look The Price Is Right To Tell the Truth Truth or Consequences What's My Line?Legendary Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin dead at 88 The CIA outright denied ever employing the wacky TV producer."It sounds like he has been standing too close to the gong all those years," CIA spokesman Tom Crispell quipped in 2004.Chuck Barris, the daytime television mastermind of popular programs featuring newlyweds and singles, died Tuesday afternoon. Barris' TV success inspired similar shows, such as “The Parent Game” and “The Newlywed Game,” where spouses quizzed each other.

Kooky 'Gong Show' host Chuck Barris had mysterious CIA connection Viewers got to know Barris’ face, and his curly hair, as the emcee in the goofy “The Gong Show.” Barris would reward talentless contestants by banging his infamous gong during the bizarre amateur hour, which he hosted for four years until 1980.

No size on label, but 18" from shoulder seam to seam and 22 from armpit to armpit. Also, 1964 BEAT IT KID, YOU CAN'T VOTE & 1967 LOOKS LIKE A LANDSLIDE.

He spilled some soda below the pocket, slight shadow there. Allen & Rossi Meet the Great Society 1965 & What Goes On Here 1963.

This is a listing of television shows that originated in the United States and aired anywhere between January 1, 1960 and December 31, 1969.

Shows sharing a time slot can be determined by referring to the appropriate Category: Television schedules article, such as the one for the 1968-69 United States network television schedule.

Small corner damage on game plastic -does not affect play.

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