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This term can also be linked to models of voyeurism, scopophilia, and narcissism.The male gaze The man emerges as the dominant power within the created film fantasy.If you don’t want to see guys on cam whatsoever, then use our “Girls” feature to avoid guys altogether.Our “Girls” feature allows you to only browse webcams of live cam girls. With most random webcam chat sites, you are limited to the things you can do. If you want to get naked on cam, you can do so at Roulette B.In feminist philosophy, the male gaze is the way in which the visual arts and literature depict the world and women from a masculine and heterosexual point of view, presenting women as objects of male pleasure.The concept has subsequently been prominent in feminist film theory, media studies, as well as communications and cultural studies.

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The woman is passive to the active gaze from the man.

This adds an element of "patriarchal" order, and it is often seen in "illusionistic narrative film".

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