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Anne Wojcicki, a biologist and Silicon Valley CEO who founded the company 23And Me, which used to sell "personal genome tests." She's also the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and the sister of You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

While we couldn't nail down an definitive estimate of her fortune, she is said to be "worth billions." Rodriguez will pull in a meager by comparison million this season.

Initially, A-Rod was spotted at Axiom Fitness by Mike Murad on Dec. Murad tweeted a picture of Rodriguez on a cardio machine.

Coincidentally, another of former member of Boise's media establishment, Randy Simon, happened to be working out at Axiom and informed the .

Us Weekly confirms news first reported by Love BScott.com: the baseball hunk turned sports analyst and music/movie superstar have been quietly dating for a few weeks.

Lopez, 47, was recently linked to Drake but that fizzled; and A-Rod, 41, was most recently with businesswoman Anne Wojcicki.

Can’t wait to hear their new portmanteau: J-Rod, A-Lo? Her company’s investors include Google and Brin and Fidelity and Johnson & Johnson. Last year, the company released a new test complying with the F. A.’s guidelines, becoming the first approved direct-to-consumer genetics-testing product.Page Six reports that A-Rod has been seeing the 42-year-old Silicon Valley biologist for over a month.It would only make sense that New York Yankees third baseman would date former professional wrestler Torrie Wilson.After all, he likely needs someone whom he can take to the gym.He’s set to arrive to spring training in Florida later this month.

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