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ie the exceptional items which deviate from the regularly scheduled timetable: Week 11 (Monday Aug.14 to Sunday Aug.20): Wed. Columba's main hall, -pm Week 12 (Monday Aug.21 to Sunday Aug.27): the end of the one-off summer salsa events.

September may feature a one-off Rn R and salsa combination evening.

On Christabel Chubb’s first morning at Bristol University a year ago, she arrived in the halls of residence canteen after a heavy night out, expecting to find other bleary-eyed students shovelling in carbs to soak up last night’s excesses.

“Instead I was greeted by a flock of glowing girls returning from an early morning run on the downs, each clutching a fresh ‘green juice,’” she says.

Then there’s HD video, a feature that, until only a couple of years ago, could only be found on camcorders.

Since the beginning of 2010, nearly every DSLR that has been introduced has HD video. Under “Sort by:” select “Price Low to High” (on the right side of the black bar going across the top of the camera listing).

Although there are also a few one-off salsa classes for beginners (specially arranged for some visiting students).

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Absorption blocked by corticosteroids, foods such as rhubarb, spinach, bran.

The legendary ‘ivory towers’ and ‘dreaming spires’ that epitomise this stunning city have often been portrayed in literature and film, and when you attend an Oxford Royale Academy course, you’ll have the privilege of getting to know them for yourself.

In this article, we whet your appetite by introducing you to some of Oxford’s best-loved buildings.

Built in the English Palladian style, it forms part of the Bodleian Library complex.

It houses mainly English, History and Theology books, and because it’s a working library, only students and scholars are admitted.

Acid indigestion, heartburn, upset or sour stomach.

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