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He is assisted by an efficient, compassionate paralegal staff. Sam then assisted her in securing a Green Card to allow her to enter the U. and live there.----- Original Message -----From: Kim Ly To: [email protected]: Monday, June 26, 2006 AMSubject: What can be done. Attached is an email that I had sent to CSIC/OPIC last year (I believe) concerning the launching of an investigation on 2 of its members (CSIC). Immigration Consultant Accredited member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Practitioners SISKINDS - The Law Firm Siskind, Cromarty, Ivey & Dowler LLP680 Waterloo St. Persons from certain countries are also required to notify USCIS when there are changes in school or employment and also to register with USCIS periodically, and upon admission and departure.

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