Amazon instant video linux updating player

Ubuntu 10.x and 11.x Linux OS users sometimes see a blank or black screen with Flash Player 11 when playing protected video content.

(For example, this issue occurs on services such as Amazon Instant Video.) A missing Ubuntu HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) module, which is not installed by default, causes this behavior.

That's why Rinat Ibragimov decided to create this wrapper so Firefox users can use the latest Pepper Flash from Google Chrome.

That means that if any malicious code breaks through plugin security, there are no additional barriers".

Update: Fresh Player Plugin is now available in the official Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04.

After a lot of searching on-line, I found a discussion about the topic on Amazon’s Customers Discussions web site.

It appears that Amason’s Instant Videos, Flash, and Ubuntu all of a sudden don’t get along. sudo apt-get install hal # Remove cached junk from Adobe and Macromedia.

#Start Firefox # The Amazon player updates, and video rentals are now playable again.

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