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I want to add a layer over my bike tights for warmth.Leg or knee warmers seem like a nice versatile option.I am just wondering if there is any issue with wearing these over tights as opposed to over bare skin with shorts.

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The girls on the chat are always extremely kind to talk to if you have any questions about the products.

Some people develop chilblains if they warm up cold skin too quickly.

For example, with a hot water bottle or by sitting very close to a fire, stove or heater.

Always been a big Lorna Jane fan, have spent a good few thousand, and NEVER had a problem with any of the items I have bought! Quality is great, none of the tights I've bought are see through! So I email the customer care and told them what had happened and they were extremely kind and said they would put a note on my return order saying to accept it.

They both arrived pretty quick considering I live alllll the way in Perth! A knit jumper I ordered I didn't quite like, then realised I had missed the 14 day return policy by a day or two.

Natural ways of warming the skin better are with warm water (not hot! People are more at risk of developing chilblains, if they: If the skin does break down and become infected, see your podiatrist or doctor immediately.

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