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All sexual activity without consent is a criminal offence, regardless of age.

These are serious offences that carry serious penalties, including mandatory minimum penalties. In some cases, the age of consent is higher (for example, when there is a relationship of trust, authority or dependency).

You can read excerpts below; click through to read a full interview with each sex worker.

Amber Rose, 24, Montreal What surprised me most about sex work: How normal everything was.

Prostitution is a transaction that involves both the purchase and the sale of sexual services.

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“I do think that those things happen and that they should be assessed and, obviously, if the government wants to intervene in that way, they should definitely look at social programs for people that are struggling in their youth, but there are a lot of really intelligent, kind and wonderful women that do sex work.” Inspired by the women who share their stories in —and irked at the negative narratives perpetuated in the media—we asked several Canadian sex workers to tell us about their jobs.A person convicted of this new offence may be sentenced to up to 5 years imprisonment if prosecuted on indictment, and 18 months if prosecuted by summary conviction.Mandatory minimum fines also apply, including higher mandatory minimum fines if the offence is committed in a public place that is or is next to parks, schools, religious institutions or places where children can reasonably be expected to be present.A person convicted of purchasing sexual services from a person under the age of 18 years may be sentenced to up to 10 years imprisonment.Mandatory minimum penalties of 6 months imprisonment for a first offence and one year for subsequent offences also apply.A 12 or 13 year old can consent to sexual activity with a partner as long as the partner is less than two years older and there is no relationship of trust, authority or dependency or any other exploitation of the young person.

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