Cassie scerbo and michael copon dating are rachel and puck dating in real life


She was always found to be in short temporary relationship.

At the beginning, she was in a relationship with Michael Copon.

Even though the dreamy star only dated the reality star for a short time, he does have advice for Kris Humphries on how to keep his woman smiling! She likes to be babied and taken care of,” says Copon.

So, it was a major shock when their relationship ended in 2010 for unknown reasons.

Immediately after her breakup with Longo, Cassie got engaged to reality star Doug Reinhardt for a very short period of time.

He is a great individual as well and his cute smile has made people fall in love with him.

He has portrayed some very romantic as well some very difficult roles in TV shows and movies and in all of them he has passed with flying colors.

They started dating in 2006 and their relationship lasted for two years, after which she started another relationship with Cody Longo in 2009.

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