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Following the indecisive general election last month, the variables governing the political calculus have been scrambled once again.People have resumed prefacing remarks with ‘if Brexit happens’.Also there are no reports of injuries at this time." North Yorkshire Fire said it had five fire engines and an aerial ladder platform at the scene. Garage on industrial estate gone up in flames and propane cylinders blowing up!A nearby resident wrote on Facebook: "Nothing like a bit of Friday night excitement with a major fire and explosions going on in Ingleton. " On Saturday morning, North Yorkshire Police updated the situation.Clicking this new icon (recycle bin), the widget is uninstalled from the system.From Centreon main screen, click Home Custom Views menu. Type a View name, select the Layout then click Submit. Type a Widget Title, select the widget type you want to install then click Submit.A 21-year-old man is dead and a 23-year-old man critically injured after two small Cessna 152 planes collided in mid-air over Saint-Bruno on Montreal's South Shore.

"We're checking everything out to find out what caused this accident first of all." Canada's Transportation Safety Board confirmed that the two planes belong to Cargair, a flight and pilot training school based in nearby Saint-Hubert.Two other people were also taken to hospital for shock.The crash occurred above the Promenades Saint-Bruno shopping centre shortly before 1 p.m. One of the planes fell into the shopping centre's parking lot, while the other crashed on the building's roof.These shifts in circumstance illustrate two essential points about Brexit.First, it is not inevitable that the UK leaves the single market.Second, the relentless focus on the economics ignores the influence, connectivity and mutual understanding associated with EU membership which would also be lost.

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