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I never thought we would go through culture shock together.I never thought how Skype, Facebook and blogs can connect so many lives, anywhere, for FREE!I cannot believe how fast the semester has gone by.It seems like just yesterday I was moving in the apartments on Panepistimiou Street, exploring around town and making new friends.

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She will also be required to register as a sex offender and an order of protection was issued prohibiting her from having contact with her victim for eight years.

Residents have repeatedly taken to the streets to demand that Britons "stay away" and this week a shop owner in Malia meted out his own brand of justice by holding hostage for an entire day a tourist who had driven into his shop on a quad bike.

Crete is not the only island to be suffering for the bacchanalian excesses of British holidaymakers.

I never thought in my freshman year at UND I would be studying abroad for a semester in Greece my senior year.

I never thought I would walk into that place that looks like a house on campus and ask about studying abroad. I never thought how amazing languages truly are, until I traveled around Europe.

You also only play 10 games in one split which I think is way too little.

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