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It's very normal for young people to experiment with sexual activities.The most important point is that both partners feel comfortable and happy in doing so.

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In a magazine article, Mr Cairns took aim at single-sex schools, saying he was puzzled by parents looking for a place that will prepare their child for the future who are swayed by 'outdated notions' about young women performing better in girls-only schools.

'Consent' means both people want to have sex and nobody is forced or pressured into it.

Lots of young people write to me with questions about having sex.

Girls who attend single-sex schools leave with top grades but may be at a 'huge disadvantage' later on if they are unable to talk to boys, a leading headmaster has suggested (file photo of a mixed-sex school)'All parents looking for a school for their daughter have broadly similar criteria in mind,' he wrote.

'They want somewhere that readies their child for the world beyond the school gates, academically and socially.

Watching natural-looking people engaging in sex that is consensual, pleasurable and realistic may not be harmful--heck, it might be a good idea--but that is generally not what the billion global porn industry is shilling.

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