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In this letter, I would like to state the causes of compensated dating and suggest feasible ways to deal with the problem.First of all, one of the grounds of luring girls to go on compensated dates is the temptation of money.Why juveniles have to betray their body or even soul?Maybe the survey from Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers & Therapists Ltd. When asking the reason for teenagers compensated dating, 87% student believe the main reason is money, which is used for buying expensive brand products.There is no specific law against seeking these dates online, so police have tried to prosecute people by using Section 147 of the Crimes Ordinance, which states that it is a crime to solicit for an immoral purpose in a 'public place'.However, the law does not expressly state whether a 'public place' also covers internet forums and smartphone apps - the new front line of the sex trade, making arrest and convictions for compensated dating difficult.

This tragedy raised the concern of public to teenagers compensated dating, and citizens started to comprehend the severity of the issue.After having compensated dating, girls can receive a favorable amount of return from their clients.In this money-minded society, the girls fall into the desire of money and vanity.Moreover, there are half of student anticipate compensated dating is for finding love and purchasing drugs too.It seems the formation of compensated dating have multiple factors.A jury convicted him of murder and sentenced him to life in prison.

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