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Bank loan would be set up 7 years, I can pay it off in 4 yrs I think by doing double pmts. The downside is they only go to ,000 but that should at least knock out a significant percentage of your highest interest rate debt.The reason it sounds like a match for you is the loan would be unsecured.I have one WF card with over ,000 and another with over ,000. I've cut all my expenses and used up all my savings.I no longer can afford to make my minimum payments each month. Thank you for your question about your Wells Fargo credit card debt and the best solution for your debt problems. We are not irresponsible spenders, are ‘on top’ of pmts, etc so ques: would you recommend doing the loan in Feb (fee is 600.00).

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There is even an option to help consolidate multiple private student loans. "Unsecured" is based primarily on your credit while "secured" allows you to borrow against collateral.Late payments have lead to creditors hiking rates on some of cards to about 30%. Is there a Wells Fargo debt consolidation program that would help me get out of debt? Let's review your options for your solving your debt problems in general, the specific Wells Fargo debt consolidation options available, and some important information on how Wells Fargo deals with accounts that go delinquent. They offer basic banking services such as checking and savings accounts.Wells Fargo has a mortgage department, and the bank offers personal loans and unsecured lines of credit.It also has a large credit card program Any time that you feel you are not able to pay one of your bills, contact your creditor in advance.This doesn't guarantee that your creditor will be flexible with you, but but maintaining open communication is a smart choice. Bank wants us to wait and reapply when he starts getting soc security in Feb.

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