Dating a borderline personality salvadoran dating customs


Things started to go downhill after she called him a f*****t at one of the nicest restaurants in NYC for not ordering the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu.

The bill ended up being 0 and he paid for everything.

It took her three weeks to slip into the old habits.

This time I studied her, I actually Googled her behaviour, and it came back with one simple conclusion: Borderline Personality Disorder.

I tried for two months to get back to the dream stage, but it just wouldn’t happen. Even then there was only so much crap I would take.

Usually a person suffering from borderline personality disorder will have rapid mood swings and short, intense emotional outbursts.

While patients of depression and bipolar disorder tend to feel low for several days, in case of borderline personality disorder the intense mood swings usually last a few hours to a day at the most.

Consider if this is what you really want A relationship with someone with borderline personality disorder is a difficult proposition, even if you are only casually dating him/her.

Other than listening to the person tell their life-story, what else can a person go off of early on in the relationship if the person doesn't exhibit any obvious red flags? He was fat and short so he thought she was cute (she wasn't) and she was super rich so there were some perks.

She started out maybe a little demanding but not that strange.

The honeymoon phase was not only lengthy, totalling to around a year and a half of I love you’s and no, you hang up first!

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