Dating a female cop


As a surprise to Canmaren, Steve brought in some back-up to help her pick the right man.Her family, friends and law enforcement co-workers joined her on stage to crowdsource her date!Paul is attracted to females who do Crossfit and are obviously out of his league.He enjoys the challenge and doesn’t mind rejection.

Steve found two eligible men who would love to take her out, but Canmaren won’t be the one asking questions to the men.“He has to prove how big and bad he is,” said 18-year-old Breanna Blake, who is black.Blake recalled how Fields threw her off a bus after she and her sister got into a shouting match with some other girls. Junior Drew Pickrel, 17, said that when he was busted after a pocket knife fell out of his backpack Fields was “completely nice” and patiently explained why he had to arrest him.Lott said investigators are looking at three separate videos of the incident, one of which he said shows the girl hitting Sheriff's Deputy Ben Fields with her fist, and will make a decision about whether he will remain employed within 24 hours.Lott called the video "disturbing" several times during the press conference, and emphasized that the student's behavior in the situation will be "irrelevant" in evaluating whether Fields violated proper procedure.kicked off a series of reflections regarding my fiance’s chosen profession as a police officer.

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