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Well, we’re happy to report that our Japanese reporter, GO, found a way to get sweet, sweet revenge on one scammer he encountered online, trolling so hard that the scammer gave up in a fit of rage. On the evening of September 15, I noticed that I had one unread message on LINE (a popular messaging app in Japan). Sato, who’d been standing in line waiting to buy an i Phone 6.

If so, I was just going to ignore it, but it turns out the message was from my manga artist friend, Horyusuke. Horyusuke’s had a string of success recently, getting his manga published in the monthly Shonen Champion manga magazine.

late August, Hillary Clinton announced that she would soon give a speech, in Reno, Nevada, linking Donald J.

Trump to what has become known as the alt-right—a loose online affiliation of white nationalists, neo-monarchists, masculinists, conspiracists, belligerent nihilists, and social-media trolls.

Unfortunately, those types of emails seem to pop up in our inboxes every other month.

Don’t you just wish there was a way to get back at these people for trying to leech off of us honest, hard working folks?

On all news sites where comments appear, too often things are said to journalists and other readers that would be unimaginable face to face – the Guardian is no exception.

New research into our own comment threads provides the first quantitative evidence for what female journalists have long suspected: that articles written by women attract more abuse and dismissive trolling than those written by men, regardless of what the article is about.

It also includes extremist commentators, long belittled or ignored by the media, whom mainstream pundits are now starting to take seriously.

And the 10 regular writers who got the least abuse? How should digital news organisations respond to this?

Some say it is simple – “Don’t read the comments” or, better still, switch them off altogether.

The alt-right has no consistent ideology; it is a label, like “snob” or “hipster,” that is often disavowed by people who exemplify it.

The term typically applies to conservatives and reactionaries who are active on the Internet and too anti-establishment to feel at home in the Republican Party.

omments allow readers to respond to an article instantly, asking questions, pointing out errors, giving new leads.

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