Dating your high school sweetheart college script dating pro


I kind of took it out on him because I was immature and jealous and we broke up right after he graduated.

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before you plucked your eyebrows or knew how to manage your acne. You will remember what he looked like when his mom cut his hair.The visual will pop into your head at the strangest moments, like when he’s brushing his teeth or taking out the trash.And every time he goes to the barber you will find yourself double-checking to make sure he’s not planning to revisit that style. Things you said when you were a dumb 18-year-old are still brought up in daily conversation.We dated when I was a junior and he was a senior and I was crazy about him!I was not able to go to his prom because at our school only seniors could go to prom and I was devastated.Now as sophomores in college, we are still the only ones for each other.

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