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Überlebenstipps für den letzten Schultag: Nachdem Ned am "Rund um die Welt"-Abend versehentlich Moze anstatt seine Angebetete Suzie geküsst hat, weiß er nicht, wie er sich Suzie gegenüber verhalten soll: Soll er es ihr beichten oder lieber verheimlichen?

OK, here's a gift bag for showing up, but this is just a sad display. You're the type who knows Sponge Bob, but can't remember his starfish friend's name.Fortunately, Ned always has a backup plan to get him and his friends out of trouble, which can sometimes result in crazy antics.This show was created by Scott Fellows, who is a writer for The Fairly Oddparents.You've seen the major players, but your memory of the lesser-known '00s series isn't the strongest. You've seen practically every single '00s kids show and you wear it proudly. You had Lizzie Mc Guire, Kyle XY, and the rest of the crew as your best friends.And what's better than a girl with a mini version of herself in her head and a guy with no belly button?!Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a television on Nickelodeon that showcases how young man deals with ordinary high school instances.

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