Disable automatic driver updating windows 7

1) Follow the step: Start button If you are connecting to the Internet via Ethernet, Windows 10 seems to assume that you have unlimited data usage.But if you want to update Windows 10 at your own pace, meaning that you manually download an update on a metered connection. Follow the step: Start button If found any, just press the Download button to get them downloaded and installed.

If you are connecting to the Internet via wireless connection, here is how you can meter your Internet connection.

After following the methods given in this tutorial, you'll be able to turn off the automatic driver updates feature in Windows 10.

It'll exclude driver updates from Windows Update, rest OS updates will be downloaded and installed without any problem. Apply the changes and it'll exclude driver updates from Windows Update and now Windows Update will only download and install OS updates.

Recently one Ask VG reader "Rajiv Kumar" faced similar problem. I didn't find any option in Windows update setting to disable driver update.

He sent us following email regarding his problem: I have downloaded the Windows 10 image using Media Creation Tool, and after perform clean installation when the Windows downloads and updates audio driver of IDT HD Audio, Tally. Today in this tutorial, we are going to share a way to disable automatic driver updates downloading and installation via Windows Update in Windows 10.

Following screenshot shows Windows Update automatically downloading device drivers in Windows 10: Sometimes it causes issues to the users.

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