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Cadet Kit Shop is Part of the All Arms Organisation, an Mo D contractor with a history dating back well into the 19th Century.

In 1949 the fore-runner of the Cadet Kit Shop started its life based in Buckingham Gate, London, SWl.

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If you go look in your refrigerator or pantry right now, you will find that just about every package you see has a UPC bar code printed on it.

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In return, the UCC issues the manufacturer a six-digit manufacturer identification number and provides guidelines on how to use it.

You can see the manufacturer identification number in any standard 12-digit UPC code.

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The manufacturer pays an annual fee for the privilege.For Cadet uniforms there is no better place than right here at Cadet Kit Shop.We provide genuine issue Cadet uniforms, genuine MTP clothing, mess shirts, service dress, uniform jackets, trousers as well as cadet forces t-shirts, combat shirts, shorts and British Army surplus clothing.The military are world renowned for their organisation, courage, presentation, commitment, physique and the list goes on!With qualities like these under their belts, you'd have to be crazy to not have some curiosity. The Cadet Kit Shop now serves all Cadet Forces as well as regulars and territorial army.

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