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Went from being “best known when his entourage opened fire at a nightclub” to being best known for creating the weekly national holiday “Sweet Pwussy Satday (not Saturday).” Came from such humble beginnings wow.Spelling errors aside, it’s crazy to look back and remember how quick Cudi’s rise to stardom was.She played the clarinet in middle school, and worked as a waitress at Red Lobster after her acting career failed to take off.She was fired from Red Lobster for being rude to customers, and worked as an office manager on Wall Street.She first saw fame when she signed a record deal with Young Money Entertainment and then later Cash Money Records.She has successfully released her first debut album, which charted at number-one on the Billboard 200 albums chart.And now, thanks to Wikipedia’s awesome “View History” feature, one is able to go back and look at every revision any page has had.It’s like an information superhighway time machine, and it’s only right we use it to go back and look at different rappers’ earliest pages.

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He quickly boarded a flight to Miami, where all four of them sat down and ironed out their issues. Before that, Nicki and Drake hadn’t spoken to each other in nearly two years since recording “Truffle Butter.” Drake’s beef with Nicki’s ex Meek got in the way of their friendship, but now that Meek is out, the YM rappers are back to being buddy buddy.Users are able to edit pages, enabling breaking news and current events to be added to topics in real time.It really is a fascinating way for a website to function. But back in the wild west days of the internet, when there weren’t as many protections enabled to prevent Wiki-graffiti, practically anyone was able to get on the website and type whatever they wanted.In August 2009, Minaj signed to Young Money Entertainment with distribution from Universal Motown.In Minaj's early career, she released three mixtapes, Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free, and Beam Me Up Scotty.Minaj became the first artist ever to have seven songs within the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time.

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