Drake bell dating victoria justice


Here are the worst scandals that probably made the execs at Nick wish they’d stuck with all-cartoon casts.

Josh Peck and Victoria Justice reunited on Tuesday for a ridiculously cute photo.

Victoria Justice hasn't been in a relationship in awhile, but it looks like that is all about to change!Now, in case you haven't noticed, February isn't all...It seems like most actors have a knack for fooling us into thinking that they're just as friendly behind the scenes as they are on camera.To quote Josh, the pic is quite literally your "childhood."The two Nickelodeon stars ran into each other at the grand opening of The Highlight Room at the Dream Hotel in Hollywood, Just Jared Jr. Okay, so we all know what the child stars of the Disney Channel are up to these days - but what about their biggest rivals? From teen pregnancy to drug offences, these guys have been pretty busy too. Notable acting credits: Margo in Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2; Shea Gunn in Crowded Musical endeavors: Her debut album, Sparks Fly, was released in 2010 and followed by a North American tour. Notable acting credits: Spider-Man/Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S. Upcoming roles: Jodie in The Outskirts Lip Sync Battles lost: One to Gregg Sulkin in 2015.She was spotted holding hands with her Rocky Horror Picture Show co-star Reeve Carney and... Remember the good old days, when celebrity couples like Lucy Hale and David Henrie actually existed?

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