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If you really desire to talk with someone you’ve met, to hear their voice, try using a pay phone or a cell phone. Do not let anyone try and change who you are as a person.Remember, we do our best to provide you with security by using chat and e-mail that goes through us so no one else knows who you are. Too often people feel they should try and be someone who others will find attractive. but eventually they either see you’re not who they thought you were or you find you don’t like who you’ve become while trying to be someone you’re not.is pleased to offer advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to reach Native American customers and consumers.Traditional banner advertising is a great way to advertise and promote a website, product, or service. You can target campaigns using a wide range of criteria.

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Limited Members will have access to all sections offering assistance and advice.Exclusive Members also have the ability to send and receive messages to or from other Exclusive Members or even "Chat" with other Exclusive Members on Exclusive Members can "Invite" Limited Members they are interested in getting to know, inviting them to upgrade so they can enjoy the many benefits reserved for our Exclusive Members.So yes, we do refuse people and we do remove profiles for various reasons.One is age, all members must be 18 or older to join... Liars, cheats, players and all around losers who refuse to respect the rules and rights of others are removed from our membership and asked to go elsewhere.Limited Members have the ability to do unlimited searches of our member database and see what has to offer before joining.

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