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When asked yesterday if he really fancies de Lima, Duterte acted as if he was about to fall from the podium.

It might be the 21st Century, but studly Les Chic struts and preens for the ladies like it's the 1970s.

When asked if the Duterte administration’s objective of blaming De Lima for the proliferation of illegal drugs at the NBP was actually a symptom of its misogynist and sexist bent, Suarez disagreed.

“The performers were ugly.” Suarez said he saw the video only last Tuesday.

He said the witness is a member of the Presidential Security Guard (PSG) who was detailed to De Lima when she was still Justice Secretary.

Marami pa akong gagawin, ni hindi pa sumasagot sa amin ang AMLC (Anti-Money Laundering Council).

That’s important to know where the at least P15 billion from the drug money goes.) Asked when the DOJ would file a case against De Lima, he said, “Darating tayo dun pag yang airtight na nga yang kaso ko.During the hearing, the committee held initial discussions on the complaint, debating whether or not the body should first rule on whether or not it had jurisdiction over the case, or if the complaint had form and substance.The P300,000 withdrawal was delivered),” Aguirre said.A young female reporter pursued the question: “On phallic domination, do we really need to show a sex video of Senator De Lima who is a woman just to show her relationship with her driver?” The room went silent, before Suarez said: “Meron bang ganun (Is there such a thing)?“I checked online the questions asked and they were totally unnecessary, some were even malicious.

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