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Check out the Mr Excel tutorials for more information on how to properly use Excel VBA.

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We will overcome this limit by using VBA and telling Excel where to put the filtered data. Now let’s understand the actual code that filters our data here.

I used the cells M1 to P1 to define the headings and cells M2 to P2 to get the actual options from the “Filter Sheet” Sheets(“Raw Data”). Advanced Filter Action:=xl Filter Copy, Criteria Range:= _ Sheets(“Raw Data”). We converted our raw data into an excel table (Structured Reference Structured Reference), by doing this we no longer need to know how many rows our data actually goes down to, the “Table1[#All]” takes care of that for us. Next we specify the action that we need which is Copy in our case, the other option is “xl Filter In Place” which would filter right on our data itself.

In this post we will learn how to use the Advanced Filter option using VBA to allow us to filter our data on a separate sheet. The named ranges were created using the INDEX function as shown below Now we need to setup the sheet where we need the filtered data to be displayed.

This has been requested by a lot of our readers and here is how we will use them. Headings were put in cells B5 to B8 and the drop down (using the Data Validation—List) feature was put in cells C5 to C8.

This example uses late binding techniques and thus does not require any libraries to work!

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