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"It's not a good place to find a serious relationship."Instead, stalk your friends' Facebook pages until you find someone who catches your eye. '"Do you agree with Gretchen that bar hookups won't last? "The best place to meet a quality person is through people recommending somebody or setting you up through family friends or whatever it is," Gretchen suggests to the mag. Gretchen Rossi began starring on the show during Season 4, while she was engaged to a man named Jeff, who passed away after a battle with leukemia years later.Following Jeff’s tragic death, Gretchen Rossi began dating Slade Smiley, who had been starring on the show since Season 1, when he was engaged to cast member Jo De La Rosa.Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley remain two of the most familiar faces on the Housewives brand. Funny how some 'Housewives' just don't seem to get the kind of appeal you have to have on viewers for them to want to see you on your own show. The only other person I could see having the 'it' factor that you need to carry a show on her own is Caroline Manzo (because of the dynamics of her family) and maybe that's part of the reason why her son's are getting their own show.

Now reports claim the couple are engaged and even pushing for their own spinoff series.

They came close to marrying once but due to his debt, the marriage never happened.

Let's see how their relationship is going these days and know if they have decided to wed anytime soon.

From being labeled a dead-beat dad, and being an opportunist by dating Gretchen Rossi, it is hard to find fans of who are in full support of Smiley.

However, Slade Smiley may feel that he is the one winning.

After years of dating, Rossi and Smiley became engaged during Season 8, after Rossi proposed on the top of a building in Los Angeles.

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