History of teen dating violence


Relationships are more likely to fail – and to become abusive – when the dating partners are young, immature, and spontaneous.Unfortunately, this has resulted in an unfortunate number of teens who experience teen dating violence in a romantic relationship.Women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence- this is almost the national average.

All month long we are challenging people like you across the country to start conversations about the difference between healthy and unhealthy dating behaviors.What YOU Can Do About It Teen dating violence is a BIG problem.Not only is this issue widespread but the effects are also far-reaching., just over a week after he had been officially inducted into office for a second term, President Barack Obama made a direct address, endorsing February as National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.In his official address, Obama declared: “This month, we stand with those who have known the pain and isolation of an abusive relationship, and we recommit to ending the cycle of violence that affects too many of our sons and daughters.” President Obama and his administration continue to make preventing abuse a priority, through initiatives such as Vice President Joe Biden’s , committing to reduce violence against young women.“Teen dating violence is a serious violation that can affect a young person’s safety, development, and sense of comfort.

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