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Well Hello is an online adult community that’s designed for you to meet and hang out with likeminded singles and couples.It doesn't matter if you're looking for one night of fun or a longer term relationship - we've got what you want.We pride ourselves on being welcoming whatever your orientation or needs, we've got support online to make sure any questions or concerns that you might have are always taken care of.Maybe you're not sure if you really want to meet anyone, that’s okay too, you can swap pictures, chat and interact through our sophisticated online messaging system that always keeps your real identity hidden so you don't have to divulge anything until you're totally comfortable.What you really want to get is a 120/240-volt by 30-amp twist-lock to 120/240-volt by 50-amp outlet, which is commonly called a NEMA 14-50 or Stove Outlet. Now all you have to do is flip the switch on the generator to 120/240 volts, plug this adapter into the 120/240-volt twist-lock outlet, plug your 50-amp shore power plug into the adapter, and you’re in business.Remember, your 50-amp shore plug really doesn’t use any 240-volt power.Bristol Motor Speedway owns and manages five campgrounds located on the track property.All amenities are included in the price and are only available to Bristol Motor Speedway Campground patrons.

Don't work on your vacation, leave the planning to us.

We provide accommodations at the track in our fleet of luxurious motorhomes.

Packages include accommodations, food, beverages, infield admission tickets, and airport transfers.

I have 2 AC units that I need to run in the summer when operating off the generator but I’m not sure how to do it and the camping store is now giving me the runaround.

Attached is a picture of the outlets I have on my generator as well as an adapter plug I already own. — Jimmy, Well, it’s a real shame that the camping store that sold you the generator can’t tell you how to hook it up to your RV. If you look at the generator you’ll see both 20-amp and 30-amp outlets marked as 120-volts. The 20-amp Edison outlet is just like you would find in your house.

I’m pretty good with 12-volt systems but not 120/240 volts. And the 30-amp/120-volt twist-lock outlet just needs a generator twist-lock to RV TT-30 outlet adapter to work with an RV’s 30-amp shore power plug.

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