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You’ll hear more sophisticated humor in the locker room of a high school football team. In a Facebook Q&A, she answered some of your most pressing questions, revealing her favorite things and some of her biggest style secrets.Lisa quickly changes gears and starts making fun of Erika, repeating the lie that Erika flashed her “coochamonga.” LVP clearly thinks she’s very clever when she tells Kyle, “I saw what Mr.Girardi’s been munching on for the past 20 years.” Common as muck, this one.She proves that housewives are important and they lead the family to the path of bliss.

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Give her eternal rest O Lord and may your light shine on her forever." Thank you for the love and support during this extremely difficult time.I don’t like dirt, so it was always clean, but clutter? The kitchen surfaces were all spotless, you’d just have to move several piles of unsorted paperwork and random crap to find that out.Then we had our first son, and all-of-a-sudden, I was drowning in laundry."She was very close with her mother."When news of her mother's death broke on Saturday, Giudice posted a tribute on Instagram, thanking fans for their support."My mother was a very cherished part of our family and she'll be deeply missed," the post read in part.So far we have Connecticut trying to convince us she’s a loving mother, has an effortless British accent, and is Boy George’s landlady. (No mention whatsoever of Boy George this week or why he’s still nowhere to be seen around his “home,” so perhaps Dorit’s finally dropping the pretense about him being a fixture of her family’s domestic life.) Erika Girardi is preparing to leave for a meeting at ‘The Young and the Restless’ to discuss her upcoming role. He’s very supportive, telling her he’s proud and saying how cool the opportunity is. “I’m a showgirl.” But she’s excited for this shot at a role on such an iconic soap, and has no time for people who put deadlines on professional success.

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