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As we were setting up, we could hear a marching band nearby. Sherry had a meeting Saturday morning, so Andy and I went and set everything up on Friday night.Sandy Rowe, editor of the , in Portland, was there too, along with a venerable prof from Columbia’s journalism school.As ink-stained traditionalists, we were aflutter about Poynter president Jim Naughton's nervy decision to hire an obscure gossip blogger to increase traffic on Poynter's dignified website.

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We enjoyed the game, caught some zees and drove home Saturday morning for a shower and to pick up Sherry.The New York Times* from 2001 to 2003.*Back in 1999, I was at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank in St.Petersburg, Florida, when Jim Romenesko was introduced as Poynter's newest hire.In fact, all you need is another friend with a Mac and i Chat AV.But if you're as serious about Internet phone calls as we are, you're going to need some serious equipment. Believe it or not, those dorky little things stuck in everybody's ears these days can also be used with your Mac.Poynter called our little group of visiting editors its advisory board, which meant we got a free trip to sunny Tampa Bay every January.

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