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Hart, from Strubby in Lincolnshire, spent hours talking with Kristeen Panter.The father-of-four, a self-employed builder, had separated from his wife Elaine, 38.He met Mrs Panter, who had also recently separated, after she replied to a personal advert he had placed with an internet dating agency.The pair first made contact eight days before the Selby rail crash.Then suddenly there’s snow and ice in the streets - organ donor weather!And with a little luck the sick heart is exchanged for somebody else’s.In his body pumped the heart of Clive Haupt, a ‘coloured’, who at the time of the operation would not have been allowed to share a seat on a bus with him.Gary Hart stayed up most of the night before the Selby rail crash in a marathon phone conversation with a woman he met over the internet.

The last thing I wanted after work was to socialise with bankers or sit down at a computer,” she says.An artificial heart can help bridge the gap until transplant – a tiresome phase, in which the loudly pumping, external heart “shadows” the body, either worn around the neck or carried on wheels like a golf bag.Every few hours the artificial heart has to be plugged into the power point to be recharged.The encroachment of work isn’t the only factor contributing to the rise in mid-life singletons.A play about the search for the “right heart” in heart transplants and dating agencies and the continuation of life on the online platform Second Life.The NAM rainfall map through Tuesday shows some hefty totals in the southeast… Temps really take off behind the rains with 70s for highs from Tuesday through Thursday.

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