Intimidating shout glyph


--------------------------- GLYPHS There are a few pretty useful glyphs for both Prot and Arms: *Glyph of Cleave: Makes Cleave hit 3 targets instead of 2 *Glyph of Revenge: After using Revenge, your next Heroic Strike has no rage cost *Glyph of Victory Rush: 30% crit chance on Victory Rush *Glyph of Sweeping Strikes: Removes the rage cost of Sweeping Strikes *Glyph of Rend: 6 seconds on Rend *Glyph of Mortal Strike: 10% damage on Mortal Strike I used Cleave Revenge(changed Devastate at 50) for Prot, and Victory Rush Mortal Strike for Arms.

Sweeping Strikes glyph can be useful for dungeons, though.

En effet, il est actuellement toujours possible d’échanger les encres aigue-sombres contre des encres de plus bas niveau, même si les marchands annoncent le contraire.

Les marchands d’encres que vous trouvez près des maîtres calligraphes vous permettent d’acheter n’importe quelles encres de bas niveau dont vous pourriez avoir besoin en échange d’encres de haut niveau.

(requires Dstance)Battle Shout / Beserker rage do not generate rage, and won't ever be used in your rotation.

Shout's now have no cooldown except GCD and last for 1 hour.

--------------------------- ************ LEVEL 10-40 ************ To begin with, you'll want to be in Defensive stance pretty much all the time, because Revenge requires it. Since your single target damage is kinda "meh", you will want to be Ao E pulling at least 2-3 mobs, as often as possible.

The more mobs you have on you, the more Revenge procs you'll get.

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Other situations require the use of Glyphs are spell and ability enhancements that add cosmetic effects or minor enhancements, created by scribes.

À Cataclysm, c’était au tour des encres aigue-marine.

Dans Mists of Pandaria, et ça semble être le cas aussi dans la 5.0.4, nous utiliserons des encres de rêve.

Just like with my Priest leveling guide, I decided to make this because I didn't really see any here on the forum. Revenge hits way harder than any other ability (except Bladestorm), which is why it's best to level Prot.

As most will tell you, the best way to level a Warrior is with Protection spec. With the talent, I found that a non-crit Revenge was hitting harder than a crit Mortal Strike or Overpower. Past 40, Arms and Fury start to catch up, but Prot still remains viable. Revenge, Shield Mastery, etc...pretty much all of the damage-increasing talents and useful damage reduction talents.

Les glyphes nécessitent une grande variété d’encres différentes, et si vous voulez en fabriquer une, vous serez surement obligé d’utiliser des encres des extensions précédentes.

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