Invoke datagridview cellvalidating


In that case, the message box shows up and then the focus is set on that cell for editing. I need to find a workaround so that the validation will occur upon loading the Excel file, and after closing the message box place the cursor in the first cell (in case there are many) that doesn't match the condition. Set the Error Text property on the row to an explanatory string.This displays an error icon with a Tool Tip that contains the error text.My problem with the combobox is that on startup, it displays the id of the data row desired instead of the name value retrieved through the foreign key.If I click to show the list of available items for the combobox, it shows the names (as desired), not the ids. The publisher dgv also updates to show the id instead of the title. The publisher dgv uses a combobox cell style to display the book title in the bookid column. I have suddenly run into a problem where if I have clicked in a cell on the books dgv and then click a cell on another row, the title changes to the id value.

If the cell value fails validation, set the Cancel property of the System. This causes the Data Grid View control to prevent the cursor from leaving the cell.

Here's what I've come up with: Suppose I load a file with a row that has 18 characters (or anything different than 17).

The Cell Validating event doesn't fire unless I click on the cell that doesn't match the validation condition and then try to leave it.

When you bind to a data source that contains multiple lists or tables, set the Data Member property to a string that specifies the list or table to bind to.

The Data Grid View control supports the standard Windows Forms data binding model, so it will bind to instances of classes described in the following list: The Data Grid View control supports data binding to the public properties of the objects returned by these interfaces or to the properties collection returned by an ICustom Type Descriptor interface, if implemented on the returned objects.

In my next articles, I will talk about more detailed features of the Data Grid View control.

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