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Being trained by wrestling legend 'Doris Funk, Jr.', Mattthew "Matt" Hardy has become one of the most gifted and talented performers in sports-entertainment.

Before going into the WWF (Now WWE) along with his brother Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz (or The Hardyz) ran their own promotion called Organization of Modern Extreme Arts (OMEGA) wrestling, in which Matt went into as High Voltage.

Some fans see her as a guiding light, someone who helped modernize women's wrestling with high flying, death defying moves.

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Let’s unravel his net worth along with his career and awards in detail.Matt was nineteen and Jeff was sixteen when both joined back in 1993.It wasn't until 1998 they were given full-time contracts as a tag team."The Reality of Amy Dumas" is simply another in a long line of WWE puff pieces on wrestlers in their company that littered the literary universe at the peak of WWE powers.Those books generally tend to range from "Laughably horrible" (Chyna, Hardy Boyz) to "really good" (Foley's first, Edge's first). The reason it isn't, as to use the parlance of wrestling, the "drizzling shits" is because Amy is very forthcoming and seemingly honest. She had a great, supportive mother and a very distant father.Some see her as a dangerous women's wrestler who performed sloppy versions of moves high flying men had taken a lifetime to learn to administer.

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