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For any DVD first released since "Madagascar", thusfar (as of 1/25/06), "Rip Guard" copy protection can be identified as "NOT being ARcc OS" very simply: 1) Load your DVD into DVD Decrypter v.3.5.4 (set to "File" mode - select "ALL files", NOT "movie files) 2) IF DVD Decrypter v.3.5.4 indicates that it has found "possible structure protection", and "(number) areas have been marked suspect" and "Dummy sectors will be inserted where necessary" - and continues the ripping process and CREATES DUMMY SECTORS and completes the rip without any error notifications - the DVD contains "Rip Guard" copy protection Why should you care?

Because with a "Rip Guard" copy-protected DVD, the ONLY thing you have to do after ripping with DVD Decrypter v.3.5.4 is load the rip into VOBBlanker and click on the "Process" radiobutton.

As well, the wizard makes it a breeze to decrypt so that any prog such as DVD Rebuilder ( or DVD Shrink will accept it merrily for encoding.

******************************************************************** DVD Subtitle Guide using DVD-lab PRO ***3 Steps Guide*** This guide brings new things, like support for SRT and SUB subtitles or SSA, SON and SST. STEP 2 - Multiplexing video, audio and subtitles with DVD-lab PRO. Open DVD-lab PRO and on the window that appears select like in the image below, the option "Simple (Movie Only)". In the lower left part of the screen, in the big white section, right click and chose "Import..." and import one by one, your VIDEO file and AUDIO file(s). PNG c.) Right click one by one the each line in the big white section where you just imported the video and audio files, and chose "Insert to Project...". PNG The Video and Audio will be automaticaly inserted on the MOVIE 1 window (right upper part of the screen). A windows will appear, just hit "Proceed" button and the chapters will be imported automaticaly to the movie. recoder(DVDrebuilder and CCE here) When the dvd is finished and fits 4.3Gb(or 8.5 but in this case usually no need of recoding) demux and remux with appropiate subs, use ifoupdate and voil: D (IMHO the best way to recode a.t.m.). Perhaps you should try to check how the timecode is written in (real time or from DF source ).:sly: Well, the movie is NTSC, and the subs are 29.97 fps (according to Subtitle WOrkshop).

And more easy on use by the beginers on DVD Authoring world. Insert in the DVD-ROM the disc on which you want to add a subtitle. Don't forget to chose the NTSC or PAL option as is your original DVD movie and hit OK. Reasons to use PGCedit are many: to get rid of warnings, unwanted trailers and so on....great tutorial, i ve done already 2 great backups with new subs added. I believe I can't paste main movie of VTS number 7 after original menu of VTS number 1. I'm thinking my problem is somehow related to the fact that the AVI file I synched the subs to is different than the VOB file (I thought they were the same because the length was on both of them, but upon further inspection, the VOB actually continued playing for about 20 seconds beyond that [with the counter not changing]).

Throne is available on both i OS and Android devices. The Throne Rush Hack Cheat Tool will help you get better at the Throne Rush Game . Specifically, around the 20th day of each customer s billing cycle, Verizon Wireless reviews each customer s account to determine whether that customer has surpassed or is trending to surpass their voice, messaging, or data allowances for the month and, if so, sends the account holder a free text message, the company s lawyers told the FCC in comments filed in July, 2010.

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