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The original transmitter site was atop the building at 500 Fifth Avenue.for Atlantic Broadcasting Company, the former owner of CBS's AM station (no relation to the present-day WABC).Intended to be a simulcasting sister to WNJR (1430 AM, now WNSW), the FM station never made it to the air despite being granted several extensions of its construction permit.WNJR gave up and turned in the FM license to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1953.With limited financial resources, a locally man-made antenna and transmitter were built and erected to complement Love FM’s radio studio which was completed on December 18, 1992.On the first days of its transmission tests, Love FM could have been heard in the City and just pass the Haulover Bridge with a mere output of 250 watts.With time running out, tens of thousands of people fled Friday from the path of an increasingly menacing-looking Hurricane Harvey as it took aim at a wide swath of the Texas Gulf Coast that includes oil refineries, chemical plants and dangerously flood-prone Houston, the nation's fourth-largest city.

In 1940, during the early days of FM broadcasting, what is now WCBS-FM was allocated an FM frequency and callsign, W67NY, becoming CBS's first FM station.More so applause to those born overseas like Somi who proudly chose to keep her Korean name, unless your true name is Western to begin with like Ailee & John Park then that's ok.No offense but some people just bloody try so hard to be Western/Caucasian both in looks, personality & skin color.I reckon be proud of the skin & race you're born in, so good on you!Call The Studio: 713.572.4610 Text: 713.572.4610* *Msg&data rates may apply.WNEW-FM is best remembered for one of its previous incarnations, a progressive rock radio format that began in 1967 and lasted into the 1990s.

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