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I’ll say right now, I’m entering into risky territory.

As someone who has never, and will never, be pregnant, it’s extraordinarily stupid of me, mindnumbingly in fact, to comment on the difficulties of pregnancy.

Kiwi needs to build a bond with his new owners and learn to seek reassurance from them when he is feeling worried. He has been to a home previously and was housetrained and good to be left a few hours.

Our Animals Expert and dad Thom Adams looks at the wonders of pregnancy in the wild and comes away with a powerful message for pregnant women everywhere: next time you’re feeling like shit because your heartburn is killing you, just be thankful you’re not carrying a third of your own bodyweight in eggs.Kiwi is a very loving affectionate boy with his friends, but is also a very worried dog who prefers not to interact with strangers, especially if there is a lot going on.He would prefer a home where he can be walked in quiet areas so that he does not get overwhelmed.Please reference the [General Discussion Rules]( Ovn V-10182016-official-gd-rules) for more clarity.**Etiquette** Moderators are keeping a close eye on discussions, but please make sure to use the report feature or join the [Moderation Discord]( Igm BE-discord-verification)!Facechecking the brush is dangerous, and so is facechecking the web.

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