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Reproductive technology has made many kinds of motherhood possible in modern times, but dominant ideologies of motherhood still center on the ‘natural’ love women feel for their biological babies.

Even Alex Kuczynski, who wrote a New York Times Magazine article about her experience with a gestational surrogate, could not stop worrying about circumventing “the natural order of things” and “the circle of life.” After asking herself, “Would I really be his mother? ” she decides that birthing a child isn’t necessary to be its mother, so long as a genetic connection exists.

She played the role of Rachel in a movie called Vampire’s Kiss in the year 1983.

She played the role of Sonja Vogler in a movie called Dr. In the year 1991, she played the role of Mona in a movie called Blood and Concrete.

And how's this for a twist on life imitating art: Now that Holloman has had her child (6-month-old Lola), Beals has revealed that she's expecting!

touched base with Holloman a few weeks before she returned to Vancouver to shoot L Word's third season.

The base plans, directs and conducts test and evaluation of U. and allied air armament, navigation and guidance systems, and command and control systems.

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Eglin is responsible for the development, acquisition, testing, deployment and sustainment of all air-delivered non-nuclear weapons.

But I wanted to be part of something that was such a celebration of pregnancy and a womanly body. And a lot of women have sexual desire in the last part of their pregnancy, which is sort of interesting. You were next to naked in love scenes and nude in the underwater labor scene. As it was happening, I wasn't thinking about whether it was courageous or anything.

I'd like to look at my career when I'm older and go, "Hey, I really did things that were hard." As an actress, it's one of the most cool things I've ever done.

Although in some ways, Bette and Tina emulate a traditional, two-parent household model, they also allow their friends and family to care for their child, while demonstrating that lesbianism and (good) motherhood are not mutually exclusive.

Through the show’s positive depiction of their mothering and then its portrayal of the social and legal opposition the couple faces, challenges its audience to reconsider their understandings of and their opinions about motherhood.

For a while, Bette and Tina parent their daughter together outside of a romantic relationship, but eventually they reconcile and try to adopt another baby, a boy.

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