Lucia micarelli dating

“I Hope You’re Comin’ Back to New Orleans” – The New Orleans Jazz Vipers 4.

“Skokiaan” – Kermit Ruffins & The Barbecue Swingers 5.

So it was me, Wendell Pierce and Khandi Alexander, and I hope we did David’s episode justice.

A really awesome friend of mine Yael, whose an amazing drummer and overall mad creative person had been shooting footage for a documentary of her own creation.

Being in the elite musician circle thats she's in, she decided to make and document an album whose songs cover a wide range of genres and hand picked some ridiculously talented musicians to bring each song to life.

(Singer Sasha Lazard, Violinist Lucia Micarelli, Guitar player Alex Skolnick from Testament, Drummer Terry Bozzio, Musicians Dave Eggar, Yury Anisonyan, any many others!

Back Story Initially my friend Alain and I would help Yael shoot various recording sessions from time to time (See the DW behind the scenes section in my photography…. ) then eventually Alain co-directed and edited the documentary along with Yael and I did the title sequences and designed the DVD covers, inserts, etc.

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mn minnesota, sd south dakota, tx texas, ks kansas, Vermont , ia iowa, ky kentucky, Louisiana , MD MARYLAND Visit Software Piracy Sites See What These People Are Doing! PHELIPEAU, EGITTO, PREVOST, ARDDENS, HUDOCK, ROZO, SCREEN, SEFCOVIC, QUATES, H.Botti ventured out into the audience a couple of times, had a singer on stage to sing Puccini and even brought a 9-year-old girl up on stage from the audience to play the drums.Back in June, I talked with David Simon about tentative plans to put out a soundtrack album for the first season of “Treme.” That album now has a digital release date: September 28.) This odyssey is known as "The Love Project" and certainly was a labor of love for Yael and everyone involved.Its a fantastic album of awesome music as well as a fun, insightful and inspirational documentary which i was privileged to take part in.And, providing amazing comedy value through three seasons, has been Steve Zahn as the likeable and ludicrous Davis Mc Alary – a part-time DJ and musician.

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