Main file updating failed operation canceled main file intermediate

There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.Note: Use "gpg --full-gen-key" for a full featured key generation dialog.So, let's go to diagnostics about the current problem: $ grep -v ^# .gnupg/| grep -v ^$ default-key 62EB2A51keyserver hkp://net photo-viewer "display -title 'Key ID 0x%k'" $ grep -v ^# .gnupg/| grep -v ^$ default-cache-ttl 0 max-cache-ttl 0 $ which gpg /usr/bin/gpg $ which gpg2 $ dpkg -S $(which gpg) gnupg: /usr/bin/gpg $ cat /etc/lsb-release DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=16.10 DISTRIB_CODENAME=yakkety DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 16.10"When I try to run gpg, the following happens, regardless of whether or not I move my .gnupg away or not.I killed the gpg-agent before moving the .gnupg, didn't change anything.6d859a5 Get compile error for failing test 8bf760a now try mono 95578de fix maven warning f804d12 need PR #993 to run on TRAVIS-CI cbd3fad fix maven warnings e255480 added myself as contributor 55fce54 reverted fix 68cdaea now trying mono! So dropped my version, which also required some fix for Safari, in favor of this one that I don't have to maintain 0c29b54 Update generated test source 09588d2 Update templates for other languages similarly af00e52 Correctly append newline to test output 797cf08 Delete remaining commented out syncs.940cbcf Uncomment syncs before adaptive Predict 6c0b7d9 Improve compatibility across contexts: nodejs, web ui and web worker e7cdc22 Largely rewritten to support usage in web worker thread without breaking compatibility with Node JS require a80052f Fixed a bug when locating Java Script runtime, and refactored common code b65d521 Fix test generator to support browser tests generation when generating all tests ebf8b9a Fix templates which were referring to a missing class bf00f6b Switch to selenium v46 ee3d29c Fixes an issue pointed out by Mike Cargal, where null literals where registered as 'null' instead of null in both lexical Names and symbolic Names, thus resulting in erroneous error messages when handling parsing errors.The filepath indicated in the log is therefore wrong (? With a fresh user account, synchronisation works flawlessly for the first couple of files, then the problem kicks in rather arbitrarily. The issue seems to arise more frequently, if the user has many files - c.f. To try to relieve some of the pressure, I unchecked everything that it syncs with, and am slowly introducing the files back into the system. I believe I have successfully synced 60mb in 3 hours. I'm leaving my post intact in case others are having my problem. It seems I upgraded nginx but forgot to restart the service.

fixed #996 3e80713 local replica of #1010 158ef2c same fix as #1010 1b01140 Useful information for code completion a3b2776 fix type dfced27 Added contributors from master 7a031a8 Added myself as contributor 417c208 Merge pull request #1 from antlr/master f2877d5 Prepare for merge 3bdc4b7 Merge branch 'worsht-master' ca467f2 fix merge in contrib file 7a37322 Adding name to contributors dfe05b5 Merge pull request #997 from krzkaczor/master 230221a Merge pull request #995 from ericvergnaud/fix-maven-test-scope 7b602e6 Merge pull request #993 from ericvergnaud/minor-javacript-bug-fixes 5c101e7 re-enable full csharp test suite 7beb07b SUCCESS!!!!For SQL triggers, the operation sequence is this: before, main, after.If any operation fails, not only should the next operation(s) not be executed, but the previous ones are 'rolled back' as if they never happened.All ANTLR targets successfully build and pass tests on travis-ci!2f082e2 fix mono 3.12.1 stack overflow on ubuntu with 60k string concat expression #2 7743e44 fix mono 3.12.1 stack overflow on ubuntu with 60k string concat expression 2cea588 get errors from xbuild f21ec58 More info, maybe? a3c071a and again 14ade86 and again cb75cce and again 986d00a missing 'new', thanks Mike e5f011a #999: Using unicode(c) instead of str(c) to avoid exception when unicode string contains high byte chars 50cc266 and again 6c4e56c try 3.4 again b2d771e fixed bug that prevented run on nodejs 7a74809 added proper visit function in Parse Tree Visitor 41a7833 print python version 9d3a8e8 and again 332e2e0 and again ac05695 rollback travis yaml 70c3372 try again 0e9f19f travis install requires sudo f05c996 force travis build fce545b try installing python3 377fd29 try again 6e9680f trying to get python3 tests to run on travis-ci f7a9a73 fix test generation parameters, enable non-java targets a24b4fd fix Test Generator unclear path detection, enable generation of all targets except javascript browsers 488f7b9 was failing when ran in Node JS 66bd976 Merge pull request #989 from ericvergnaud/make-require-worker-compatible ac64b03 Merge pull request #988 from ericvergnaud/fix-javascript-generation 1e89482 Actually, Torben was kind enough to fix the require version from Smoothie, moved to a new framework called Honey, and to switch to the MIT license.I commented the use-agent line from my .gnupg/(as you can see above: it's not there any more), but the agent is still started on any of the following commands: $ LC_ALL=C gpg --gen-key gpg (Gnu PG) 2.1.15; Copyright (C) 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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