Mennonite rules on dating

Basically, I grew up in an environment that felt like straight-laced evangelicalism with a unique ethnic culture (Mennonites are known for their food and quilts).

No way could I have come up with something that corny myself.Young people in the Mennonite church—especially the girls—don’t want to commit to marriage, either because they are too selfish or too idealistic for their own good. Esther, I really don’t think marriage (by which we mean sexual and emotional intimacy) is an idol, but a basic human desire. (Okay, so maybe food can be an idol, too.) But I would hate to say that all the people who so blithely wish marriage on me are idolators. That being said, I appreciated your thoughts, especially the last section, which highlights how greatly singles are needed in the Christian church.And not choosing commitment will cost our faith and our future. I really just think they want me to experience the happiness in marriage they have found. I had never thought before about those issues which a single Christian can more relevantly address than a married person.A few get fed-up with Mennonite ethnocentricity and leave–taking off the covering, putting on the wedding band.Does changing the physical help bring about spiritual fruit? In fact, some of them are having a greater impact on our culture. Then, when we go into missions, we learn to let the indigenous people apply scripture how they see best fit for their culture.

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