Michaela blaney and shay mitchell dating


Shay made sure to clear that up, “I think the friendship level is there, so that’s definitely a similarity between this and the show, but this is very different otherwise.

"I'd starve myself for a day, and the next day I was hungry, tired and miserable.

are great, but Shay Mitchell is probably the most inspiring, in my opinion.

She plays Emily Fields on the show and has made playing a lesbian character no big deal, which is how it should be.

Shannon Ashley Mitchell was born on April 10 in 1987 to a Filipino mother, Precious Garcia, and Irish/Scottish father Mark Mitchell in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. During her childhood, she wanted to involve in performing arts.

She is the cousin of singer and Tony Award-winning theater actress Lea Salonga.

After signing with her first theatrical agency Mitchell starred in the Canadian teen drama series “” in 2010.

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