Use as simple but mobile timed webcam with refresh rates from seconds to hours, with motion detection or your defined daily activity times. Mark the pictures with text or image to advertise for your place or business.

This app provides me with a simple possibility to mail someone (my wife) and start refreshing a webcam view of what I see with one buttontap.

This APP is "Lite" edition of e Look Mobile Cam, it has all functions of standard edition except it does not support 3G/4G network.

You can view the video from another smartphone, the viewer APP for Android, e Look Mobile Viewer, is also FREE for download.

Notice: Many Cam Mobile Source can only be used in conjunction with the Many Cam webcam software.

e Look Mobile Cam - Lite is a free software application from the Other subcategory, part of the Audio & Multimedia category.

Visit your PC, click the "Uni VRT Software" to download and install it. Compared with other APPs which work like a USB Cam, the bandwidth required by e Look Mobile Cam is 80% ~ 90% less, so you can deliver very smooth video to your friend! e Look Mobile View (APP for viewing video on smartphones): Android 2.3.3 or later. Hercules Viewer (Software for viewing video on PCs) : Windows XP sp2 or later, 1G DRAM memory.

Traditionally this is an HVGA medium density screen, but WQVGA low density and WVGA high density are also considered to be normal.Also it can work as a static webcam with set activity times and picture imprint if you got a spare or partially broken phone you want to place somewhere connected to power running all the time …SERVER with PHP required for a webcam on your website!If you do not know what PHP means you will not be able to fully use this app as intended but may still find the email or ftp useful! COM/YOURFILES/ Server address to be entered in Settings of App is COM/YOURFILES/You also have to enable the server to write to this directory – chmod!To enable your webcam put the included (see http settings in app or support forum thread) two files on your server. And you should enable password protection for your website if you do not enhance the php page with some security measures. It is not meant to be placed next to or connected to your Computer.Use your Android phone as an IPCAM, i.e., your phones as a camcorder with live video transmission.

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