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So I tended to make more of a fool of myself to women.”While the trials and tribulations of dating are obviously well-traversed cinematic territory, it’s worth mentioning that it’s rarely scene from a lesbian lens.

Granted, there are many notable exceptions (and the media landscape is slowly getting more diverse), but the distinction here is that this isn’t a film about lesbian dating.

Rarely, do we ever think that we’re in the wrong…it’s so easy to shift the problems to the other person: they’re not fun or hot enough, too boring, they eat their peas one at a time.... from director Drew Van Steenbergen and starring frequent collaborator and screenwriter Quinn Marcus is about a character who is coming to terms with herself.

He has been an amazing actor in the past few years, and his mesmerizing work in TV shows and movies has won millions of hearts.

He is none other than the handsome hunk Cameron Monaghan.

He has not revealed the person he is dating right now and has not talked about his recent and past girlfriend.

He is a handsome hunk, and any girl will love to fall for him, and he might be just looking for his perfect match.

But while working at the diner managed by Lip’s sister, Fiona (Emmy Rossum), what initially began as pure physical attraction between Lip and Sierra has blossomed into something more—and for good reason.

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