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In Myanmar, it is clear that the governing system produced by the political opening that Clinton and President Barack Obama pushed is far from perfect.

In fact, the structure of government remains rigged in favor of the military, which ruled the country for decades with an iron fist.

In an inauguration speech lasting just a few minutes, Htin Kyaw promised to strive for a federal democratic nation, improve people's livelihoods and amend the constitution written by the military preventing Aung San Suu Kyi from becoming president."The speech itself was very short but it's a demonstration that whatever objection the military has, they're going to amend this 2008 constitution," Irrawaddy magazine editor Aung Zaw said.

The National League for Democracy, led by Ms Suu Kyi, swept elections in November, winning around 80 per cent of the available seats.

This came after the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said many of the crimes against the Rohingya constituted serious rights violations.The Nobel Peace Laureate will, however, play a prominent role in the new Government, taking on the Foreign, Education and Energy ministries, and be a minister in the President's office."I would be surprised if she could run these four ministries alone," Mr Horsey said."I think we would look to her either appointing a trusted deputy minister to take on a lot of the day-to-day work, or in a few months' time, after she's set the key policy directions, handing over to other ministers."Ms Suu Kyi has made it clear she will steer the country, with trusted friend Htin Kyaw acting as her proxy.Htin Kyaw's maiden speech was in stark contrast to previous long presidential addresses — that Aung Zaw said were often filled with "empty promises" — but may not have fully satisfied a public that has waited five months for the new government to take over."I think people were expecting a lot more elaboration in terms of what the Government was going to implement, what kind of economic policies they going to have, what are they going to achieve," Mr Zaw said.And if events there do represent a victory, it is hardly a clear-cut one.Clinton is in a particularly perilous position because her fate is not in her own hands: She can no longer shape events -- like the situation in Myanmar -- on which her legacy depends and on which she will be judged in the heat of a presidential campaign.In retaliation, the Myanmar military launched “clearance operations”, which have resulted in more than 100 deaths, with hundreds of others detained, more than 150,000 displaced, dozens of women sexually assaulted and more than 1,200 buildings razed.

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