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It may be a matter of simple comfort—first-time skinny-dippers frequently marvel at how good it feels to be clothes-free—or there may be something more profound.For many, the social nudity that helps define naturism is personally liberating; through it, we come not only to accept ourselves but others.SUITES Suites are normally rooms with en-suite bath or shower room, and a lounge area of some sort. ROOMS Rooms might not have en-suite bath or shower rooms, and would NOT have any lounge area or kitchen facilities.Just because Europe's largest nudist community eschews clothing doesn't mean it has lost its sense of propriety.In some cases (among the approximately 30 films that she wrote, produced, cast, directed and edited), she had to take pseudonyms as male directors (Louis Silverman and Kenyon Wintel).

Or scroll down the listings to find hotels that take your fancy.

For some, naturism is a carefully considered lifestyle; for others, it is no more complicated than a day at the nearest nude beach.

What connects these two extremes is the sense of freedom naturist activities provide.

By that standard, there are many millions of naturists worldwide, especially in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Prolific adult-oriented, self-taught, pioneering filmmaker Doris Wishman, known as the "Queen of Sexploitation Films," was responsible for many varieties of titillating underground films ("nudies", "roughies", and "skin flicks").

Gap in the market: Higgs, who also runs a hotel for 'textiles' (clothed people) next door to the spa, opened Clover Spa in a 1920s former private residence after struggling to find decent naturist spots in the UK Higgs agrees.

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