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Welcome to Layana Resort & Spa is pleased to announce, that there will some refurbishment & upgrading works taking place at Layana Resort & Spa from 1st July unit 31st October 2017.Our three “Ocean Deluxe Villas” will be converted into state-of-the art 2 story Jacuzzi villas.One of the guys is showing off some of his favorite sexual positions with one of the girls, a sexy babe in a tight black dress and colorful wig.The girls are really enjoying the view and many of them are taking off their clothes, spreading their legs wide open so they can get their wet pussies sucked and licked or giving the hot strippers blowjobs!All works will take place from 9.00 AM in the mornings until 5.30PM in the afternoons.The villas are located at the far left hand side of the grounds, close to the beach and will not affect visually or from a noise point of view the stay of our guests.

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