Problem with accomodating

For patterns of substituted words, you might mention the word the student needs or indicate a dictionary or a grammar handbook chapter that will explain the differences.

According to researchers at Stanford University, one of reasons people get motion sickness while wearing virtual reality headsets is that in real life, our eyes get more light bouncing back from near-by objects than from distant ones.

More precisely, if we have some amount of resources n, the function value at α is the usual ratio (still on some fixed amount of resources ), except that input sequences are restricted to those where all requests could have been fully granted by some algorithm if it had had the amount of resources αn.

The accommodating functions for two specific on-line problems are investigated: a variant of bin-packing in which the goal is to maximize the number of objects put in n bins and the seat reservation problem.

Learner accommodations and instructional modifications are designed to support students who have learning problems within classroom settings.

However, accommodations and modifications do not replace the need to use effective instructional strategies for students who have learning problems.

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Accommodations can range from the less obvious (preferential seating, note-taking assistance), to the noticeable (personal FM system consisting of a transmitter worn by the professor and a receiver/headphone unit worn by the student), to the highly visible (a sign language or oral interpreter, cued speech transliterator, communication access realtime translation (CART), or closed-captioned videos) and any combination of these.

The careers of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Niels Bohr, for instance, show what persons with learning disabilities can accomplish despite initial difficulties.

Although not all accommodations or techniques will work for every individual, below are some time-tested recommendations.

Such students often do markedly better when taking exams on a computer and using the spell-check function.

When correcting a students’ spelling, punctuation, or misused words, don’t simply mark what is wrong, but help the student see the correct version.

Discovered this tool a few days ago and I really enjoy using it.

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