Risks of sedating horses


The whole herd would be jumping and spooking all over the place and when we see them on documentaries, the herd generally appears calm with a constant assessment of threat happening.

If a true predator arrives on the scene the nearer individuals assess the risk level; are the lions hunting or just going for a walk?

They also reduce heart rate and breathing, and can reduce them to the point that death occurs, if there is an overdose.

When other depressant-type drugs like opiates or alcohol are added to the mix, a dangerous effect can occur with a smaller dose of sedatives.

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Mate had to stay with her all night to make sure she was ok I'm going to have splinters in my ar*e for this one!

One of the most marked effects of sedatives is their potential for abuse and addiction.

A person can quickly develop a tolerance, meaning that more of the drug is needed to create the desired effects.

Pharmacological intervention can play an important role in many veterinary procedures as well as with behavior modification.

“You can do a better job of stitching a leg wound, for example, if the horse is standing calmly and not trying to kick you,” she points out.

I've had to Sedate Finni when he's freaked out in the lorry (he's an intermittently bad traveller) and i've done lots of work on his travelling.

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